Influence is earned! #GoGivers

How to develop your influence ?

If you were to develop your influence, you would have to start by giving more to your followers. The philosophy of the “Givers”, those people who give without expecting any return (and even less return on investment) is described and illustrated by Bob Burg in a book that has sold more than one million copies and has been translated into 30 languages: The Go-Givers.

From Bob Burg’s book:

“In The Go-Giver, Sam Rosen, the radiant white-haired insurance man, tells Joe that grasping the true nature of influence has become the key to his success – and that people usually get it wrong:

“If you asked most people what creates influence, what would they say?”
Joe’s answer came without hesitation. “Money. Position. Maybe a history of outstanding accomplishments.”
Sam nodded with a smile. “Ha! You’re right, that’s exactly what they would say, and they would be absolutely right! These things don’t create influence – influence creates them.”

Sam also defined what he called the law of influence:
“Your influence is determined by how abundantly you put the interests of others first.”

“Givers” are or become influential by this simple and effective shift in posture. How do you give something that creates value for others? How do you show them that you care about them, their experience, their values and what they love first?

We believe that influence is not a given. It is the result of the audience identifying a reliable, sustainable and responsible source of inspiration. Becoming this source is accessible, provided that you deeply respect your audience by offering them

  • A reflection that pushes him to analyze things according to his own experience and background
  • An invitation to express their opinion or knowledge by sharing it
  • A humble recognition of what others bring to the debate

Giving food for thought or learning collectively is a surpassing of oneself. It is a higher motivation that lifts us to the top of the pyramid and, ultimately, that puts us in the eyes of others.

#ByTheWAY we always give our best to those we love.

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