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Discover our methodology

How do we manage to write for you without others noticing it ?

Our proprietary methodology is unique and validated by our customers over the years. It is based on 30 years of experience in branding, leadership and business processes.

We worked directly for executives as employees and or consultants.

Our three-step approach is the following:

One-time set-up

Personal ambitions, vision, personality, market dynamics, strategic insights are based on our WAY methodology

Monthly content creation

Creation of written content on a regular basis (2-3 times a week)

Monthly performance dashboard

The qualitative and quantitative analysis is prepared and discussed with you. The decision is then made to continue as such or to adapt our strategy based on the KPIs or an unexpected business context.

How do we manage to write for leaders

You weren’t born orators, writers, even with exceptional charisma. 

Don’t worry some opinion leaders neither. They just call us.

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Concretely, how do we develop your influence?

– Define the tone of voice that matches with you inner personality and your market dynamic

– Address minds AND hearts even for B2B/ innovation/technical domains

– Translate your ideas and values into an effective narrative for impactful communication

– Help executives to speak out ( medias, conferences, all-staff meetings),

– Provide benchmark of other leaders in your domain.

Concretely how do we develop your influence

We will provide you with great content to reach your goals and become a social leader through:

Marketing and business seniority

Crossing planned content with on-the-spot reactions

Benefits for your personal branding

our methodology