My co-funder is not my friend !

My co-founder is not my friend. So why create a brand with him? What is the balance of risk vs. opportunity? What was the trigger to partner?

We knew we were pros and we cared about the customer. So did a lot of people…in theory.

**What opportunities?

Together, our added value is clearly interesting: a complete approach to influence and speech in digital and in “real”, solid experience in branding and B2B innovation. Our territory of action is expanding: France, Belgium, Japan.

Our influence is growing. So are we.

And the risks?

Client meetings where we contradict each other, our personal brands before the common brand, investments or decisions not validated by the other, etc.

**The trigger to join forces?

We had the chance to invest together and with others in the same company X: discussions, compromises, clarifications, negotiations and finally disagreement. The trigger was when, even in the worst moments, my co-founder and I were aligned on both the numbers and the mission. But this mission was not the mission of Company X, it was the mission that our combined skills could deliver: Word About You

And now, any regrets?

None. The risks did not materialize. But the opportunities did. The distribution of roles is natural, the alignment between us is without chi-chis. So we can focus on our customers!

How about boosting your influence and/or that of your co-founder?

If so, it’s this way: