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To influence, as leaders, you need to be relevant and communicate regularly while avoiding the trap of self-serving or promotional messages.

That’s why we create content for you that balances an authentic, personal tone with your strategic goals, such as market visibility, business transformation or attention from investors or customers.

Our clients are busy executives. Our methodology is based on over 20 years of experience in leadership, branding and business performance.

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Because you have to manage your business without giving up your personal visibility on LinkedIn,

Because transformed into influence, it has a sustainable impact on your company,

Because the heart of the influence is relevance,


Based on a monthly subscription and after two sessions of our registered methodology, each week, you do receive 2 relevant Linkedin posts, in line with your aspirations and your managerial style. It is up to you to validate them or to leave them to us. Once a month, we measure the impact on your network and your strategic goals.

You take up your new position as Executive. After the support of the Board, it’s time to convince your teams, partners and customers.

 Engaging these audiences on your leadership style, your vision of the company and your priorities is critical.

 To make a first (good) impression, what better than a personal, authentic storytelling that reassures and engages?

We create a narrative that reflects you while balancing the rational side of the pitch with the power of the story. All of this with the same rhythm as the current context.

For years, you have this crazy idea of writing a book. However, the lack of time, tons of ideas, style or patience always stopped you. 

What a pity ! Key to knowledge transmission, your book is also a way to leave a trace. So why not getting help?

We develop your ideas, bring an external view and use a style that reflects your personality.

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Not sure? Test our capabilities with a limited risk by subscribing to the ghostwriting services first. Once convinced, we’ll make your book, a reality.

How do we manage to write for you without others noticing it?

Thanks to a proven method combining branding tools, field leadership, and storytelling.

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You weren’t born orators, writers, even with exceptional charisma. Don’t worry some opinion leaders neither. They just call us.

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